We would be delighted to assist your company in any recruitment needs that you may have.

We are a ‘niche player’ within the Fixed Income Markets and our expertise in recruiting within this field is well recognised, together with a reputation for delivering exemplary results, that has been established over many years. We will never over extend ourselves and accept more work than we can handle and risk letting our clients down. Equally we will never pitch for assignments which are not within our core area of expertise. We focus on where we are strong and can have the biggest impact and thus produce the best results possible for our clients.

Key areas of Recruitment are:

  • Trading, Structuring, Sales & Marketing
  • Rates - Flow through to Structured/Exotic
  • Credit - Flow through to Structured/Exotic
  • FX - Flow through to Structured/Exotic
  • Money Markets (STIRT) & Treasury Products
  • Research – Market Strategists, Economists, Credit Analysts and Front Office Quants
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Our market research has led us to conclude that in most cases, at a Senior level, an executive search (headhunt) is the most efficient and expedient method for recruitment of high calibre staff and will yield the best results.

By using Executive Search we can successfully:

1. Thoroughly research the marketplace; identify and approach individuals who fulfil the necessary criteria for the role. Thereby proactively accessing potential Candidates, who would not necessarily respond to an advertisement. Gain their interest in the role and sell both the career opportunity and the organisation to them.

2. By maintaining strict confidentiality with regard to our Client’s name we keep their interest confidential from their competitors and in addition protect them from being inundated with speculative CVs from Candidates who are totally unsuited for the posts in question. (A fairly common complaint amongst Clients is that at one time or another they have been ‘buried under CVs’ from people who have ‘heard that they might be hiring’).

3. Be in a position within a short time scale to be able to present our Client with a short list of Candidates who are genuinely interested in the position, psychologically attuned towards the potential of changing job, and keen to be considered by that Client. This avoids time lost from a more ad hoc approach in which Candidates are found and put forward as and when they become available, without any real structure to the recruitment process.

"We are a 'niche player' within the Fixed Income Markets..."